Support Staff

Nigel Armitage – Learning Manager

Lisa Carlile – Clerical Assistant

Jan Carr – Reprographics Assistant

Louise Chamberlain – Learning Manager

Toni Chick – Administration/Finance Assistant

Ian Davenport – Data & Assessment Officer

Louise Davison – Admin Support for Year Achievement Leaders

Denise Dixon – First Aid & Safety Support Assistant

Kirby Draper – LRC Manager

Tammy Gaines – Finance Manager

Angela Gasgoigne – Learning Manager

Jeffrey Gibson – Technician: Science

Jennifer Griffiths – Learning Manager

Diane Haigh – PA to Headteacher and SLT

Sarah Smith – HLTA (Mathematics)

Beth Heaton – Student Support Assistant

Rebecca Henstock – HLTA (Maths)

Elaine Houliston – Acting Office Manager

Paige Hughes – HLTA (Science)

Karen Josse – Business Manager

Sharon Levey – Student Behaviour & Welfare Key Worker

Jackie Linford – Finance/Administration Assistant

Donna Liversidge – Administration/Finance Assistant

John Lynch – Technician: Science

Susan Markey – SIMS/Examinations Officer

Ruth Marshall – Literacy & Numeracy Key Worker

Elise McCoy – Inclusion Manager

Debra Moody – Learning Manager

Debbie Moore – Technician: Design & Technology (Food)

Maxine Murphy – HLTA (English)

Sandra Page – Receptionist/Administration Assistant

Amanda Poole – Learning Manager/D&T Technician

Joanne Powney – Personal Development Curriculum Co-ordinator

James Pugh – Teaching Support Assistant

Jane Raddings – Inclusion Support Mentor/Intervention Mentor

Julie Ryans – Student Support Assistant

Gary Stansfield – Technician: Design Technology

Claire Stephenson – Lead Science Technician/Technical Services Team Leader

Nicola Storr – Receptionist/Administration Assistant

Helen Stewart – Inclusion Key Worker

Joanne Mills – Raising Aspiration Co-ordinator / Assistant SENCO

Sonja Van-Loo – Literacy & Numeracy Key Worker

Mandy Watts – Inclusion Mentor

Jennifer Williams – Behaviour Inclusion Learning Mentor

Julie Bourke
Sandra Broadbent

Kay Cartwright

Sally Holmes

Lorraine Hughes

Sarah McGinty

Samantha Palor

Donna Middler

Sandra Miller

Annette Mitchell

Louise Pugh

Athene Robinson

Lisa Thistlewood

Mandy Towler

Judith Walters

Ian Corbett – Facilities, Health and Safety Manager

Jason Hunter – Site Supervisor

Simon Griffiths – Caretaker

Dean Morgan – Premises Assistant/Cleaner

Emma Askham

Duangrat Bradshaw

Chloe Bullock

Lauren Howden

Ann Hulse

Lynda Jenkinson

Kath Jones

Janice McMullan

Julie Patterson

Julie Phoenix

Phaephila Redman

Preeyanan Sennett

Anne Sutton

Joan Walker

PC Rachel Hall – Safer School’s Officer

Tracey Chapman – Connexions PA (Careers)