The Personal Development Curriculum (PDC) is delivered to students in 3 strands throughout school, which allows a programme to be developed which puts student’s individual needs at its centre.

As part of the pastoral system, form tutors play a major role in the delivery of Personal Development through lessons during PDC time, once a week on a Monday morning. The school’s established enrichment programme means students get a broad variety of additional input into their Personal Development as outside speakers and guests are invited into school to speak to students, or deliver activities in PDC time. Additionally, staff within school, both teaching and non-teaching, also deliver enrichment sessions where they have specific areas of expertise which enhance the curriculum further. Finally, PDC is embedded throughout the whole school curriculum demonstrating a consistent approach.

All the statutory elements of PSHE are incorporated into the PDC programme as well as many additional topics in order that the programme meets the criteria outlined by the National Curriculum whilst also meeting the needs of all The King’s School students. The full programme is reviewed and adjusted annually, using staff and student evaluations along with feedback from quality assurance procedures, to account for these needs and their changing nature.

The King’s School aims to:-

1. Continually develop and deliver a comprehensive PDC programme which specifically meets the needs of all King’s students.

2. Encourage students to be actively engaged in their personal development through a wide range of activities.

3. Ensure a consistently high standard of delivery of the PDC.

4. Promote the importance of personal development and the skills embedded within this by placing a high value of importance on PD as a subject.

Students complete units of work each year from 2 main areas. Within each area there are a number of units of work. All units are delivered to students when appropriate for the Year group they are in and this ensures that progress is made and development in the knowledge and skills being learnt continues throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. The 2 main areas within the PD curriculum, each of them having 6 units within them are:-

Personal Wellbeing

Sex education, drugs education, learning to learn, relationships, physical health and emotional health.

(Parents/carers wishing to withdraw students from sex education lessons can discuss this by contacting the PDC Leader (Miss P Langston)).

Economic Wellbeing

Careers, personal finance, enterprise, rights’ and responsibilities, safety in the work place, business and global issues.

Careers units are enhanced by Careers Education, Impartial Information Advice and Guidance (CEIIAG) and additionally by the opportunity in Year 10 to attend a work experience placement within the local community. Further information on these two initiatives are as follows:

Careers Education, Impartial Information Advice and Guidance (CEIIAG)

Careers Education is the promotion of Career learning and the development of young people. Our varied, well planned programme aims to inspire and motivate young people, and help them to make informed, effective decisions about their Career pathways. We have a Connexions advisor based in school, who can support and advise students on all aspects of Careers Guidance.
A recent Ofsted survey on the provision of CEIIAG in secondary schools agrees that The King’s School gives careers guidance a high priority, has a coherent, well planned and multidimensional approach to careers, and places considerable emphasis on making students aware of a whole range of Post 16 options.

Work Experience

The highly regarded Work Experience programme runs for one week, and is open to all of our Year 10 students. It aims to give them a high quality placement, in accordance with statutory Health & Safety (H&S) regulations. An important part of the preparation for Work Experience is our ‘Mock Interview’ scheme, whereby students complete an application form and are then interviewed by professionals from local businesses and organisations. The students also complete a detailed online H&S quiz which emphasises the importance of H&S in any work place.

Enterprise at The Kings School will enrich and extend learning, by encouraging economic and business understanding. Enterprise activities and opportunities are for our students to follow a wide range of work related learning pathways. This is achieved by working in partnership with the wider community, using our business and industry links to enhance opportunities for students learning the context of business and enterprise.

What do we aim to achieve

• Personalised learning, where education is tailored to our pupil’s individual needs, interests and aptitude so as to ensure that every child achieves at The Kings School in line with the Every Child Matters agenda.
• Build strong links with our local community.
• Greater self – esteem, motivation and raise expectations.
• To develop work-related learning opportunities.

Enterprise Competitions 2016/17

• Let’s Get Arty, Enterprise Art Competition Year 7 October 2016
• Wakefield and District Housing Y9 Enterprise Geography Challenge November 2017
• Step into the NHS Year 8 and Year 9 November-January 2017.
• The Apprentice Year 7 October – December 2017.
• Direct Marketing Challenge April 2016.
•The Pontefract Education Trust Inventor Day July 1017

We hope that you will find these links useful.•
www.wakefield.gov.uk/residents/jobs-and-learning/inspire-wakefield/inspire-options-for-16-18s-and-post-18s – useful local information
· www.ucasprogress.com – search and apply for courses near you

· https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk – all age careers information and advice

· https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship – Register and search for apprenticeship vacancies

• 17th September – Yr11 Parents evening 4pm – 7pm

* September to December 2016 – The lesson topic for PDC sessions will be Post 16 options.

* 21st September – Yr11 Parents Evening 4pm – 7pm

* 22nd September – NEW College Prospectus Launch – students will be given information about the courses offered at NEW College, and they will also receive a prospectus

* 28th September – Careers Fair/Choices@16 at Cedar Court Hotel, Wakefield, 3pm to 6.45pm – students and parents/carers can find out about Post 16 opportunities across the district

* October 2016 – ongoing – Careers Interviews commence – Yr11 students will have the chance to meet with Tracey Chapman/Mrs Powney, to discuss Post 16 plans

* 3rd October – The King’s Careers Team will launch the UCAS Application Process in a special assembly. Students will be given information and guidance on how to search and apply for Post 16 provision using the UCAS Progress website

* 5th October – All Yr11 students will begin the ‘search and apply’ process on the UCAS Progress site. Students will have many opportunities to complete the Post 16 application process during PDC time, to ensure that they have applied for at least two Post 16 provisions by 31st December. Students can also access the website from home

* 6th October – Wakefield College Prospectus Launch – students will be given information about the courses offered at Wakefield College, and they will also receive a prospectus

* 13th October – St Wilfrids 6th Form Prospectus Launch – students will be given information about the courses offered at St Wilfrids, and they will also receive a prospectus

* 20th October – Apprenticeship Hub assembly – students will be given information about apprenticeships – how they work, rates of pay, availability etc

* 3rd November – Airedale 6th Form Prospectus Launch – students will be given information about the courses offered at Airedale, and will watch a performance

* 10th November – Progress Review Day at The King’s School, 11am – 7pm

* 17th November – Askham Bryan Prospectus Launch – students will be given information about the courses offered at Askham Bryan, and prospectuses will also be available


Wakefield College

18th October – Wakefield & Thornes Campus – 5pm – 7.30pm

19th October – Castleford Campus – 5pm – 7.30pm

19th November – All sites – 10am – 1pm

28th February – Wakefield Campus Course Expo – 5.30pm – 7.30pm

20th June – Wakefield Campus – Times TBC

21st June – Castleford Campus – Times TBC

NEW College, Pontefract

8th October – 10am to 2pm

16th November – 5pm – 8pm

29th March – 5pm to 7pm

St Wilfrids, Featherstone

1st October – 10.00am to 1.00pm

10th November – 6.30pm to 8.30pm

26th January – times TBC – ‘Drop in’ evening – opportunity to speak to subject teachers in a Q&A session



In PDC lessons and linked activities the school Positive Discipline for Learning Policy will be followed.

Please note – PDC runs from 8:50 to 9:35. If your form has a speaker / event booked during PDC, please ensure you are ready for a prompt 8:50 start in the correct venue.

Enrichment Events Jan – March 2018

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Our diverse and wide ranging programme supplements and enhances the PDC programme of study outlined above. It is delivered by a variety of people including many different visiting speakers, sessions from teaching and non-teaching staff with specialist expertise in school, including members of the governing body, off-site visits plus performance workshops to name but a few!


Please click here to download a pdf version of our School Prospectus.