Mission Entirely Possible

• To help all students enjoy Mathematics and reach their full potential in ability, knowledge and understanding of the subject;
• To equip all students with the confidence and understanding of Mathematics that will help them to tackle problems at work and everyday life;
• To illustrate to students the relationship between the different areas of Mathematics and the connections to other subjects;
• To teach students to think logically in all situations and be able to apply Mathematics in the real world.
• To provide a firm grounding for Further and Higher study of Mathematics.

• Ms A Cheetham – Subject Team Leader
• Mrs J Johnson – Assistant Subject Team Leader
• Miss A Spencer – Lead Teacher of Maths
• Mrs M Till – Leading Teaching in Maths
• Mrs D Lockett – Leading Practitioner of Maths
• Mr J Penny – Teacher of Maths
• Miss M Patel – Teacher of Maths
• Dr M Rashid – Teacher of Maths & Deputy Headteacher
• Miss S A Smith – HLTA
• Miss R Henstock – HLTA
The department follows the Numeracy Strategy Framework for Teaching Mathematics throughout KS3. The content of the framework is divided into units of work based on the following main topic areas:
• Number
• Algebra
• SSM (Shape, Space and Measures)
• Handling Data (includes Probability)

Topics are revisited and extended throughout years 7 and 8 in order to deepen understanding and build upon previous knowledge. Pupils are baseline tested on entry and regular testing takes place throughout the year, using a mixture of topic based assessments and end of term bespoke exams.

In KS4, pupils follow the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics linear Specification. The topic areas build on those foundations secured at KS3, namely:
• Number
• Algebra
• SSM (Shape, Space and Measures)
• Handling Data (includes Probability)

The preparation for examinations is personalised to meet the needs of different pupils and intervention is a considered and timely response to pupils’ needs.

Able students also have the opportunity to complete a Further Maths course, which aims to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level.

Pupils are regularly assessed using topic based tests and GCSE exam papers to help monitor progress.

In KS3 Pupils are baseline tested on entry and at the end of each term.. In addition, all pupils are regularly assessed through key pieces of work and tests on each topic.In KS4 we additionally use past papers/practice papers to gauge attainment and progress.

We use systems such as the Activote voting pods, which allow accurate and fine assessment of prior learning and what each pupil can and can’t do in minute detail.

The Extra Curricular program is comprehensive and varied. It includes after school revision classes, lunchtime homework clubs, registration support and a wealth of enrichment activities such as Taster days at Leeds University Maths department, Maths challenges, RAF event, Mining trip, G&T events, code breaking and lunch time clubs.
Formal home learning is set on a twice weekly basis and pupils are also encouraged to make use of the many and varied internet support systems, such as Mymaths and Hegarty.
The department works very closely with schools in the PAT and PET.

We have a flagship partnership with Carleton Community high School, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Wakefield Girls High School, ensuring not only programme of enrichment events which is second to none, but also a sharing skills and knowledge between the schools.

7+ was 11%
5+ was 41%
4+ was 68%
1+ was 97%


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