Health & Social Care

The OCR National Award in Health and Social Care is a new Key Stage 4 qualification being offered for study from September 2013 at The King’s School. The Health and Social Care option is ideal for students who may wish to continue their studies in the area in a higher educational institute or in preparation for employment in the health and social care sector particularly in job roles where they will be expected to communicate effectively with people and provide active support within environments such as care settings.
It is primarily a Level 2 qualification meaning awards gained through the course are recognised as equivalent to GCSE level up to A*. However, for those students not working at Level 2, there is also the option of completing the course to Level 1.

• Dr J Griffiths – Teacher of Health & Social Care
• Miss P Hughes – Teacher of Health & Social Care

To achieve this qualification, candidates must complete a total of four units.

Three of these units will be assessed by the completion of controlled written assignments within the classroom. In addition to the written assignments, students are also required to simulate real life situations and show their understanding of the subject through demonstration, role play and discussion. These controlled assignments will be assessed by the class teacher and then externally moderated by OCR.

The fourth unit will consist of a written exam paper, which will be externally assessed by OCR.

The final grade awarded is based on these assessments and the grades that may be awarded are:
▪ Level 1 Pass – roughly equivalent to 2xF grades at GCSE
▪ Level 1 Merit – roughly equivalent to 2xE grades at GCSE
▪ Level 1 Distinction – equivalent to 2xD grades at GCSE
▪ Level 2 Pass – roughly equivalent to 2xC grades at GCSE
▪ Level 2 Merit – roughly equivalent to 2xB grades at GCSE
▪ Level 2 Distinction – roughly equivalent to 2xA grades at GCSE
▪ Level 2 Distinction* – roughly equivalent to 2xA* grades at GCSE

1. Develop candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the health and social care sector;

2. Develop candidates’ skills, knowledge and understanding in contexts that are directly relevant to employment situations, thereby enhancing their employability within the health and social care sector;

3. Develop candidates’ ability to work autonomously and effectively in a health and social care context;

4. Enable candidates to develop knowledge and understanding in specialist areas of health and social care and demonstrate the skills needed to participate in the operation and development of real health and social care settings;

5. Encourage progression by assisting in the development of skills, knowledge and understanding that candidates will need to access further education programmes or occupational training on a full-time or part-time basis;

6. Encourage progression by assisting in the development of skills, knowledge and understanding that candidates will need to enter employment or enhance their current employment status;

7. Promote interaction between employers, centres and candidates by relating teaching and assessment to real organisations.
Delivery and completion of this subject is mainly classroom based though there will be a variety of educational visits/trips and visiting speakers in order to provide real-life situations and experience to students on the course.

Students’ lessons are often timetabled in ICT suites in order for them to access computers and the internet so work can be word processed and presented to a high standard. Students taking Health and Social Care are advised to secure a Health and Social Care Work Experience Placement in Year 10 in order to further support their understanding and experience with the sector though this is not mandatory.

Successful students in Health and Social care will be those who attend lessons on a regular basis and take a responsibility for their own learning and personal organisation.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Miss Howe.


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