Design & Technology

The Design & Technology Vision

The D&T department at The King’s school believe that every individual should have the chance to succeed.

We aim to prepare pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. The subject calls for pupils to become autonomous, creative, problem solvers as individuals and as members of a team. This takes place through the creation of a stimulating, challenging and safe environment.

Through D&T all pupils can become discriminating, informed users of products and become the innovators of tomorrow.

• Mrs L Grace – Subject Team Leader
• Mrs E Gibson – Assistant Subject Team Leader
• Mr D Hudson – Lead Teacher for STEM
• Mrs D Moore – Technician – Food/Textiles
• Mr G Stansfield – Technician – RM/Electronics/Graphics
• Miss A Poole – Technician

In Year 7 & 8, all pupils study D&T. One lesson per week for Food and Textiles, and one lesson per week Resistant Materials. All groups in K.S.3 & K.S.4 are mixed ability & gender.

From Year 7 pupils are actively encouraged to solve real life problems through the process of designing and making, with the emphasis being placed on producing quality products in a variety of materials. Further aims are to foster creativity, visual awareness and a sound level of practical skills.

From September 2014, KS4 Design &Technology offers the following GCSE courses – Product Design, Textiles Technology, Food Technology and Engineering.

Btec Engineering is also studied in Y11, working closely with The Skills Xchange, Glasshoughton.

GCSE Food Exam

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students have a baseline test in year 7 to establish their Design Technology knowledge.
Pupils are assessed in Textiles, Food and Resistant Materials with a variety of creative designing and making projects.
Level descriptors are in pupil folders and books with targets for how they need to improve at the end of each unit.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 all GCSE courses follow the AQA exam board criteria..

The Department has been involved in a number of initiatives & competitions outside the classroom.

Lunchtimes and Afterschool Clubs for all year groups and abilities:-
• Cooking Club.
• Textiles Club.
• National D&T Week:- Junk Food Road show.
• Rotary Tournament.
• Small piece Trust.

At K.S.4 D&T links with industry to enhance pupils understanding of Industrial Practices. Pupils visit relevant Industrial establishments and get involved in Community and International Projects.

Visits & Projects have included.

• Burberrys, Castleford
• The Clothes Show, NEC
• Farmer Copley’s, Featherstone.
• Warburton bread making, Wakefield
• The Vegetarian society
• Stage 1 Food Hygiene certificate.

Homework is set on a regular basis to support classroom teaching. Homework is recorded in planners and will be assessed (regularly during a Unit of Work) according to the Assessment Criteria in front of the pupil’s book.

Positive comments highlighting good practice or suggesting specific targets to improve future work can be recorded.
Target for improvement stamp & EBI (even better if) stamp will be used where appropriate.

At Key Stage 3, pupils are given a variety of homework tasks. In Resistant Materials these are project based reflecting work in lesson.

In Food Technology pupils are asked to evaluate products at home.

Pupils receive an attitude to learning grade, and Vivo’s for completing homework well.

Year 7 design movements Year 7 designs assessment Year 7 home learning Year 7 safety rules Year 7 types of wood


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