Art & Design

The teaching of Art & Design provides a unique opportunity to stimulate in students a desire for learning. We aim to not only develop in students an understanding of aesthetics, but also an understanding of how Art & Design can contribute to the wider life of the school and local community.

Photos of our GCSE ART Coursework

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Photos from our recent ART Trip

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• Mrs A Henderson – Subject Team Leader
• Mrs L Sefton – Teacher of Art/International Team

Practical and organisational skills that are applicable across the whole curriculum;
Social skills within the working environment of the Art room;
The confidence and self-discipline needed to tackle problems for which there is no precise pre-ordained outcome and the success of which is based largely on qualitative judgement.
Both education in Art and education through Art are processes that cannot be left to chance; careful structuring, planning and teaching are required if they are to be realised and if we are to enable students to experience the unique excitement and satisfaction of “making new”.

We aim:

1. To give each student a sense of achievement;
2. To develop students’ understanding of visual concepts;
3. To develop in students the ability to make informed responses to Art & Design in both historical and cultural contexts, thereby enriching and broadening students ’perceptions;
4. To develop students’ technical and manual skills and their ability to solve design problems;
5. To provide opportunities for students to make individual and original work;
6. To develop the ability to recognise, discuss and express feelings;
7. To recognise and understand the power of images.

At Key Stage 3 students:

▪ Explore and experiment with ideas;
▪ Investigate and develop a range of practical skills;
▪ Consider and discuss methods and approaches used by artists ▪ and designers
Colour, Tone, Sea life
Will cover some of the following projects.
Landscape, Pop Art, Aboriginal Art, Mexican Art, Architecture/perspective, Keith Haring/portraits, Celtic design. Architecture/Perspective, Portraiture, Still life/Cubism

Years 9, 10 & 11 GCSE Groups follow the AQA Art and Design – Fine Art specification. Pupils should produce practical and critical contextual work within the three projects of:

▪ Water, Natural forms / Illustration, Figures/Portraits to focus on Painting, drawing and mixed media.

▪ Years 7, & 8 students complete a still life drawing within the schools examination weeks.
▪ Year 9/ 10 complete a 3 hour still life drawing
▪ Year 11 complete a trial examination of 10 hours in December and an externally set task of 10 hours in March (preparation time of approximately 6 week.

The department runs an open policy at lunchtimes where students are encouraged to come and complete coursework and use materials to develop homework. This is open to Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students
Key Stage 3
• Observational drawing
• Artist research
• Mixed-media development
• Collage
• ICT research and development
• 3D development
Key Stage 4
• Observational drawing
• Mixed-media experimentation/investigation
• Artist research and presentation – ideas informed by contextual references
• ICT research and development of visual ideas linking to projects
We actively seek to challenge our students by entering competitions and inviting Artists and practioners into school to enrich the learning environment.
We take many students on educational visits such as Salts Mill, The Hepworth Wakefield and Leeds Art Gallery’
We achieved the prestigious ARTSMARK Gold award in 2012.
We are linked to the British Arts council and have ran a Comenius Art’s meets Math’s project which encourages students to take part in European residential exchanges.
We prepare students for interview for post 16 courses and assist with the selection of folder work.

Our students attend the local colleges to view the Art exhibitions which help aid their choices at post 16.
Every year we visit the local feeder schools and engage the pupils in creative activities during arts week.

Exam Results

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