Key Policies

PAT Attendance Policy & Strategy 2017

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Uniform List 2016

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Uniform Policy

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Accessibility Plan

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PAT Complaints Policy

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Data Protection Policy

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Charging & Remissions Policy

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Lettings Policy

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Equality and Diversity Policy

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Business Continuity Plan

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Assessment Malpractice Policy

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Careers Education & Guidance

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Collective Worship

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Creative Arts Policy

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Home & Extended Learning Policy

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Literacy Across the Curriculum

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Marking & Assessment Policy

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Numeracy Across the Curriculum

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Study Support Policy

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Target Setting Policy

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Teaching & Learning Policy

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Work Experience Policy

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PAT Admissions Policy

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Race Equality Policy

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Code of Conduct for Employees

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COSHH Policy

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Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses Policy

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Management of Contractors Policy

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Fire Evacuation Plan

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Fire Safety Policy

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Health & Safety Policy

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Lone Working Policy

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Security Policy and Procedures

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Use of Own Vehicle Policy

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CCTV Policy

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