Essential Information

Central to the monitoring of student progress, performance and behaviour is the Student Planner which parents/carers and Form Tutors should check and sign regularly.

The Student Planner is the most important working document for each child.

Through the Planner:

Students’ performance will be monitored.
Rewards and Sanctions will be documented and administered
Communication between home and school will take place
Student will organise their home learning and daily requirements
Information about school and expectations will be available

It is vital that students always have their Student Planner in school with them and that they use it properly and keep it in good condition, free from graffiti.

Lost or damaged planners will have to be replaced at the student’s expense.

Home learning is set as appropriate each evening and all students are provided with a Home Learning Timetable.

Tutors and parents/carers should check student planners regularly to ascertain that an appropriate amount of home learning is being set and completed. Irregularities in the pattern of home learning should be reported immediately to the appropriate Year Achievement Leader. As a rough guide, each evening home learning should take around one hour in Year 7 and rise to two hours in Years 10 and 11.

Should absence from school be unavoidable, parents should make contact with the school immediately. If we do not hear from parents on the first day of absence, there will be automatic contact from a computer that will leave a recorded message.

If there is no response from this, the attendance officer will attempt to make contact as soon as possible. In addition, explanations to cover absence must be recorded in the appropriate page of the planner and shown to the Form Tutor on the day of return.

Concerns about attendance will be referred to the WMDC Education Welfare Service.

The contact number for all attendance matters is 01977 601 711

There have been changes to the Government Legislation regarding term time holidays from September 2013. This new Legislation makes it clear that holidays and extended leave are no longer allowed in term time and makes it clear that Headteachers cannot grant any leave of absence unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as serious illness of close family.

You also need to be aware that there have also been changes to the system of Fixed Penalty Notices. As of 01 September 2013, the timescales to make payments have been reduced meaning that Penalty Notices will be £60 per child, per parent if paid within 21 days, rising to £120 if paid within 28 days. Following this if still unpaid then they will then be progressed to Court. The Council Code of Conduct in relation to Fixed Penalty Notices has been amended to address this.

Should there be an instance of unusual or unavoidable circumstances which means that a term-time holiday is absolutely necessary, parents should write a letter to the school, explaining the situation and asking whether it could be classed as an exceptional circumstance. The letter should be addressed to Y.H-Lacy, Assistant Head Teacher.

Without the situation meeting the requirements of an exceptional circumstance (and the Head Teacher’s agreement on this) then the absence will be unauthorized and the above Fixed Penalty procedures will be followed.

Even with the most exceptional of cases please check your child’s examination commitments especially in Years, 9, 10 and 11 before considering writing a letter to request term time and definitely before booking any holidays.

Parents should provide school with any relevant medical information on the Admission Form. Further updated information is welcomed as and when situations change.

It is extremely important that the school is immediately notified of any changes to the contact details of parents / carers. We strongly recommend that routine medical and dental appointments do not take place in school time. Should this be unavoidable, a note or appointment card must be brought otherwise permission to leave school may not be granted. There should be no need to go home beforehand. If leaving the site during school hours, students should ‘sign-out’ at reception and ‘sign-in’ on their return.

The school has a number of trained First Aiders on site. Parents will be contacted if the students are too ill to remain at school.

Illness or injury that occurred the previous night will not be treated in school: students should not come to school if they are too ill to attend.

To deter ‘time wasting’ students must have permission of a member of staff in order to visit First Aid in lesson time (except in obvious emergencies)

It must be stressed that the school does not have a matron service and that the Student Health and Welfare Office will only offer a first aid response when required.

General medicines (e.g. Paracetamol) cannot be issued to students. Permission to take prescribed medicines in school must be obtained from parents/carers and medicines must be left with the First Aider. Students on specific medication which they need to take during the school day MUST deposit the medication with the First Aider, along with a letter signed by parent(s)/carer(s) stating the dosage and times.

Parents who feel their child is eligible for a bus pass should contact the Headteacher of their school. School buses, including the specialist yellow MyBus service, travel to and from Ackworth, Nevison and Monkhill areas of town.

Any misbehaviour may result in forfeiting the privilege to travel on the bus. All students travelling by bus will need to obtain the Metro half-fare pass which is available from Bus Stations and Post Offices.

We encourage students to come to school on bicycles which will be stored in the secure bicycle shed. Cycle permits must be obtained from their Year Achievement Leader. They MUST NOT ride cycles within the school grounds, and should take extreme care when cycling out onto Mill Hill Road. Bicycles must be locked in the secure bicycle shed during the day. If these rules are not kept, cycle permits will be removed.

We encourage the wearing of cycle helmets for safety

As a safety measure, and to avoid congestion in the gateways, parents/carers should not drive into the school grounds to drop off or collect students.

Please also do not stop near the bus stops by the school gates as this causes obstruction and could result in a police ticket. We also ask that you show respect for our neighbours by not parking across driveways or creating double parking situations.

We want to hear from parents/carers whenever they require information or if they have any worries about their child at school. It is usually most appropriate in the first instance to contact the Form Tutor using the Student Planner.

It is also important that any change of address or telephone number is notified to the Student Services Office as soon as it takes place.

Student Services may be contacted directly by dialling 01977 601 711

It maybe that you wish to discuss in confidence some matter which concerns your child. In this case you should contact either the Form Tutor or the Year Achievement Leader by telephone, or make an appointment to discuss the matter at a mutually convenient time. Staff will endeavour to return telephone calls within 24 hours, but please be aware that staff do have heavy teaching commitments and, in addition are often on duty at break and lunchtimes.