Ofsted Reports


“The King’s School provides its students with a good education; the teachers work hard to provide interesting lessons, often in cramped classrooms that inhibit more adventurous approaches. The students say that they feel nurtured because of the individualised support provided to them. The school makes intelligent use of a considerable amount of high quality data and information about students’ attainment and progress, in order to bring about improvements. The senior leaders focus well on identifying areas of under-performance, either in student groups or subject areas, and act with determination to bring about improvements.”

The King’s School OFSTED Report 2010

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“The King’s School is an effective school where students work in a calm and supportive environment. They receive good teaching and, as a result, they are making good progress in their studies. The school has recently undergone a considerable period of change, with a rigorous focus on improving teaching and learning in order to raise standards.”

The King’s School OFSTED Report 2008

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