Welcome to the Media Department at King’s. On this page you will find key information about the course that we offer, as well as useful links to relevant websites that support the course.

• Miss K Marshall – Subject Team Leader
• Miss B Melia – Teacher of Media & English
• Miss E Groves – Teacher of Media & English

Media Studies is a very important subject, ultimately combining, amongst others, aspects of Politics, Sociology, History and Economics. It encourages creativity, teaches analytical skills and introduces students to critical ways of thinking about the world around them. These talents are highly valued by schools and universities. It also teaches practical skills used widely in the media industry and students have the opportunity to learn such things as video and audio editing and learn the theory behind, before implement key design principals used in marketing, publishing and a whole host of other

Media studies is taught at Key Sage 4 and has recently changed from a 2 year to a 3 year course. It consists of a combination of controlled assessment (coursework – 60%) and one exam (40%) which the students sit at the end of their course in Year 11. At the end of the course the students will gain one GCSE in Media Studies, graded from A*-G.

In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, this specification:

• Develops critical thinking and decision-making skills
• Develops appreciation and critical understanding of the role of the media in daily life
• Combines practical and theoretical knowledge and skills through opportunities for personal engagement and creativity
• Encourages an understanding of how to use key media concepts to analyse media products and their various contexts
• Prepares students for study in a range of disciplines at National

It is hoped that in the near future, Media Studies will also be taught to students in Key Stage 3

Although it would be beneficial for students to have access to a computer with an internet connection at home, this is not a requirement of the course as students will have full access to any resources they need to complete the course.

It is not necessary for the students to have any prior knowledge about the media industry, but students should have a passion for this creative subject and a desire to learn both theoretical and practical skills.

For students in Years 10 and 11, students can also use lunchtimes and time after school to work on their GCSE assignments, using the many resources that King’s has to offer.
In Year 9, 10 AND 11, home learning will be based primarily on exam style questions for GCSE subjects, and will be set in accordance with the home learning timetable. For both Year 10 and 11 some research tasks for controlled assessments can be carried out at home, and students will be given clear deadlines for this work to be completed.
This specification follows a linear structure and is a Single Award, worth one GCSE, awarded by the AQA exam board.
GCSE Media Studies has two units, broken down into the following parts:

Unit 1: Investigating the Media
Written Paper – 1 hour 30 minutes – 60 marks – 40% – Externally Assessed. This exam is based on a pre-released topic (changed annually) with guidance and stimulus. It is made up of four tasks and is examined at the end of the course.

Unit 2: Understanding the Media
Controlled Assessment taken from banks of set assignments – 90 marks – 60% – Internally Assessed. This assessment is broken down into three assignments: An Introductory assignment; a Cross-media assignment; and a Practical Production assignment which includes an Evaluation.

We are currently working closely with New College in order to strengthen the media subject at King’s and offer advice and guidance to students wanting to pursue the subject further. We hope to visit the college and invite key members of their teaching staff to talk to the students and provide relevant workshops in order to develop their knowledge and skills and strengthen the partnership between the two establishments.


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